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Mercury Retrograde

Posted on May 20, 2015 by Tina Cashman | 0 Comments

Mercury Retrograde Alert
May 19, 2015 -to- June 12, 2015
(13° Gemini -to- 4° Gemini)
In general, the Mercury Retrograde period is a time when we are in a more receptive rather than an active mode. It's a time when important information is flowing into our sphere of consciousness. We need to receive and assimilate this information so that we are able to make informed decisions after Mercury turns direct (June 12th). Major decisions made during the retrograde period tend to be premature and regretted later.
Mercury Retrograde can be a frustrating time in some respects because some tasks are felt to be more arduous than normal and can take an inordinate amount
of time to complete. But I have found that perseverance does pay off during Mercury Retrograde with the added bonus that we gain new knowledge and learn new skills as a reward for our patience, persistence, and extra effort. 
For example, say you experience a software problem with your computer. As you work diligently to resolve it (and it may take a few days during a Mercury Retrograde period) you might find that just as you are about to give, you fix it. You might also find that in the process of fixing the problem you have discovered some valuable new knowledge about your computer that you can use to your benefit in the future. This is how Mercury Retrograde often operates - as a kind of unconsciously motivated educational process. When it is moving direct our educational programs are usually much more consciously undertaken.
Mercury Retrograde tends to coincide with such things as set-backs, delays, forgetfulness, and communication breakdowns. Also vehicle, machinery, and appliance breakdowns, and all sorts of accidents and mishaps (minor and major) can occur. It is certainly a time to double-check everything and to reconsider any new activities, projects, business ventures, product launches, and anything important that may about to be PREMATURELY initiated during this time. 
But it does have its positive side... It is a great time to 'spring clean', stock-take, reorganize your filing system, repair items, review and edit, etc. Just about anything that has the prefix 're' attached to it is favoured by Mercury retrograde. Another thing I've noticed is that it is a good time to find a bargain, but there 
is also a need for caution because sometimes (not always) there is a hidden fault or limitation - therefore double-checking the item is advisable. 
Here's another hint...when shopping for a specific item during Mercury retrograde don't buy the first one that you come across. Make a note of it and then continue to look around because there is a good chance that you will find a better deal on a similar item just around the corner. 
In general Mercury retrograde urges us, and assists us, to go back over things - to turn around and look back over the past. I suppose a suitable metaphor might be that Mercury retrograde represents the time when we are packing up after a picnic, cleaning up the site, etc, and readying ourselves for our journey toward our next destination. The journey tends to recommence when Mercury goes direct. That is why it is generally not an auspicious time to BEGIN anything NEW when Mercury is retrograde - for instance, weddings, opening new businesses, etc. 
As a real life example, I remember a while ago, during a retrograde Mercury period, a team of sailors and nautical engineers officially launched the (supposedly) biggest catamaran in the world, and then on its maiden voyage one of its front pontoons snapped off and it had to be towed back in to shore. Also, new model cars released during Mercury retrograde periods sometimes have to be recalled (in their thousands) because of a structural or mechanical fault that was overlooked. So, it's just a matter of attuning ourselves to the natural flow of this energy and allowing ourselves to be guiding towards ways of using it constructively. 
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