Body Piercing, “does it hurt”?

Body piercing has been used for many eons as a tool to help awaken the consciousness. Traditionally in many cultures a medicine or holy person would administer the piercing in a ritual ceremony. The pain experienced during the piercing of the skin was a ‘hit’ and internally channelled to help the awakening of the spiritual consciousness.

So yes, body piercing does hurt but this pain does not necessarily need to create negative emotions within you. Naturally the amount of pain you may or may not feel is generally relative to the area of the body being pierced but what you actually do with that pain is the interesting bit.

Some channel the pain into an inner feeling of presence awareness which is along the ancient ritual lines of helping to awakening the consciousness while others may create a more internally negative emotion. Either way there is no right or wrong or better or worse. It’s simply an experience to be had to witness internally for yourself - if you are open to it.

Piercing technicians at Pushkar

Alicia and Nathan have been piercing since 2004 at Pushkar and have performed over 10,000 piercings between them. They don’t perform ‘below the belt’ or surface (single ended) piercings due to the elevated levels of associated complications often experienced in the aftercare and healing of these.

The experience

We have all heard the horror stories with inexperienced and dodgy body piercers. Here at Pushkar we guarantee you will not be confronted with either of these. You will receive verbal and written aftercare instructions and have a choice of aftercare antiseptics to purchase if you wish.

Although the actual piercing is over in a matter of seconds the complete appointment will take some time. From filling in the required form at the counter to measuring and marking you up to the actual piercing to verbal aftercare instructions and plenty of recovery time ensuring you don’t feel faint, 20 or 30 minutes may have passed. The piercing is performed with the client lying down with the exception of tongue and ear lobes piercings where sitting is best.

If the performed piercing is not up to your level of satisfaction due to it not being straight or not sitting comfortably or for any reason not ‘right’ we will perform the piercing again at no cost to you until we get it ‘right’. Although not a common occurrence, a piercing ‘not being straight’ does happen occasionally here at Pushkar and there can be different varying reasons for its occurrence but as a general rule of thumb the more experienced the piercing technician the less chance of things going wrong.

Locally as an alternative to ourselves we also endorse ‘Coat of Arms’ and ‘1 more Body Mod’ as very clean, reliable and well skilled proponents of body piercing.

Legal age

  1. You will need to be over the age of 16 and provide photo ID or
  2. Have a parent accompany you

The exception to this is with a nipple piercing where with or without an accompanying parent you will need to be over the age of 16 and provide photo ID.

Phone (02)6651 9500 to make an appointment as depending on the day and time of year we may be booked out in advance.