Sterling Silver Toe Rings


Sterling Silver Toe Rings


Sterling Silver Toe Rings 


We have heaps of new Silver Toe Rings in store now!!

For the first time in years our toe ring supply was getting low but they are finally here.

Tina returned from Thailand with a massive bag filled with lots of new designs and patterns as well as the old faithfuls. 

She found a new company that we are loving!! The toe rings are a lot thicker so will last a lot longer ( I’m sure we all know how tricky toe rings can be with all the bending and melding to toes until you find the right position) and they are a lot fatter so will be really comfortable and sit nice and firm. 

Worldwide the price of Silver has been rising higher and higher over the last few years so because we go over and do the buying ourselves we can pass on a great price to you, the customers. (They are $15 each). Also you have the knowledge that a fair price was paid and you are helping to support families in small communities.

There are over 70 different patterns in our new range.With 11 of the most popular ones being showcased on our website.

We think toe rings originated in India with Hindu women wearing them as a symbol of being Married.

How good does a Toe Ring look with henna in the summertime??? Our feet are still nice and brown from a pretty good Summer so why not showcase them with some sparkling silver and a hot coral or Neon pink pedicure??!!

As you know we always want the best for our wonderful Pushkar customers so if you cannot find what you want you can always call, facebook or email us and we can send pictures of the other designs that we have.

With over 1800 items on our website now we hope you enjoy shopping!!