New Shipment


We have a new Shipment in store now!!!

The Store Room is brimming with new products waiting to hit the shelves.
Kim and Tina have been working super fast to get everything out for you guys :)

This is a shipment from Thailand and is mainly clothes. 

Back in stock:

  • Rasta Pants
They are a new design this year. They are 100% cotton with ties down the bottom :) We also have a few lighter weight styles.

  • Parachute Pants
Designs including; paisley, elephants & peacock feathers

  • African Inspired shirts....INCLUDING KIDS shirts!!!!
  • 'Sure' Clothing.....Mens and Womens t-shirts, dresses and hoodies.
  • Kaftans.....We have a few dedicated Kaftan buyers who have already bought up large but luckily we always buy heaps. They are just so perfect for Coastal climates. 
  • Mens cotton shirts...and some other really FUNKY ones.
  • KIDS FISHERMAN PANTS...and little FISHERMAN SKIRTS!!!!! They are soooo CUTE :)
The list is too big to keep going as I don't want to bore you.

Tina will be putting new stuff on the web site over the next couple of weeks and we have sooo much out in store now.

DON'T FORGET: If you buy online type in the code: 'B-PROMO' to receive your 'crystal of the month' in the 'Special Instructions Box' 

Have a sensational day Pushkar lovers xx