August Crystal: MOSS AGATE


Moss Agate is great for those who need some POSITIVE ENERGY, It is said to increase hope and optimism. It also improves self-esteem and self-confidence.

It is said to be the most powerful of all Agates.

Moss Agate attracts abundance and brings prosperity into your life. It is a stone of new beginnings, helping you to release from blockages and fears that may be holding you back.

Moss agate has long been considered one of the most powerful gemstones to support women throughout pregnancy. According to folklore, Moss Agate has a strong connection with nature and is said to refresh the soul and reveal the beauty around you. Moss agate has a calming and stabilizing power over one's emotions and fears.


For the Month of August, we will be giving away a free piece of Moss Agate with your online orders. Just type ‘B-PROMO’ in the special instructions box under the item you purchase.