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Blue Agate

Posted on May 02, 2013 by Tina Cashman | 0 Comments

It's a new Month therefore a new Crystal of the month on our online store. 

May is also full of birthdays for us too so that means lots of cake. YAY!! 

Blue Agate will be our Crystal this month (...not to be confused with Blue Lace Agate) 

Blue Agate is a Grounding Stone. It improves perception and analytical qualities. It Balances Yin & Yang & harmonizes physical, emotional, mental & Etheric qualities. 
It is soothing and calming like all Agate.
It raises consciousness & builds self confidence.
Stabilizes aura, eliminates negativity. Overcomes bitterness of the heart & inner anger.
Fosters love, truthfulness and courage.

Chakra: HEART
Zodiac sign: VIRGO

To redeem this promotion:
When you purchase your item online. Type 'B-PROMO' in the 'Special Instructions Box' Under the item you purchase.

Have a great day :)

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New Shipment

Posted on April 17, 2013 by Tina Cashman | 0 Comments


We have a new Shipment in store now!!!

The Store Room is brimming with new products waiting to hit the shelves.
Kim and Tina have been working super fast to get everything out for you guys :)

This is a shipment from Thailand and is mainly clothes. 

Back in stock:

  • Rasta Pants
They are a new design this year. They are 100% cotton with ties down the bottom :) We also have a few lighter weight styles.

  • Parachute Pants
Designs including; paisley, elephants & peacock feathers

  • African Inspired shirts....INCLUDING KIDS shirts!!!!
  • 'Sure' Clothing.....Mens and Womens t-shirts, dresses and hoodies.
  • Kaftans.....We have a few dedicated Kaftan buyers who have already bought up large but luckily we always buy heaps. They are just so perfect for Coastal climates. 
  • Mens cotton shirts...and some other really FUNKY ones.
  • KIDS FISHERMAN PANTS...and little FISHERMAN SKIRTS!!!!! They are soooo CUTE :)
The list is too big to keep going as I don't want to bore you.

Tina will be putting new stuff on the web site over the next couple of weeks and we have sooo much out in store now.

DON'T FORGET: If you buy online type in the code: 'B-PROMO' to receive your 'crystal of the month' in the 'Special Instructions Box' 

Have a sensational day Pushkar lovers xx

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Blue Lace Agate

Posted on April 06, 2013 by Tina Cashman | 0 Comments


Blue Lace Agate is one of the greatest Nurturing, Supportive & Calming Stones. It will neutralise Anger, Infection, Inflammation and fever. Its soft energy is cooling and calming bringing peace of mind. It is a stone of communication

Blue Lace Agate was first discovered in Namibia in 1967. George Swanson who found it called it ‘Stone of ecology’ because the swirling blue and whites reminded him of soft clouds in the blue sky. To this day the best stones still come from the stream on his farm.

Mentally: Blue Lace Agate assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings and counteracts mental stress.  It can counteract feelings that stem from fear of rejection and repression.

Physically: It is believed to treat illnesses such as Arthritis and bone deformities. It strengthens skeletal systems and aid with healing fractures. It also helps to aid blockages of the nervous system.

Spiritually: It can assist in flight, grace, reaching a higher spiritual plane and can be used to activate, open and clear the throat chakra. It is also believed to bring stronger inspiration, intuition and knowledge.


Throat Chakra (Vishuddha): The Throat Chakra represents our ability to communicate and express ourselves.

Carry or wear Blue Lace Agate if you need assistance with communicating. Wear on the throat or as appropriate.

Chakras: Throat

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Planet: Neptune

Elemant: Water, Air




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Dream Catchers

Posted on March 21, 2013 by Tina Cashman | 0 Comments


The Dream Catcher has been a part of Native American culture for generations. Native Americans believe that the night air is filled with dreams both good and bad and are messages sent by sacred spirits as we sleep. 

It is believed that a Spiritual Leader Lakota had a Vision of Iktomi (the searcher of wisdom) in the form of a spider. Iktomi spoke to the Elder about the cycle of life as he used the Elders Willow Hoop, feathers and beads to spin a Web. He said that there are many forces, some good and some bad. If you listen to the good forces they will lead you in the right direction. He handed the Elder back the web he had created. The Web could help people reach their goals and make good use of their ideas, dreams and visions. This Web was the first dream catcher.

The Dream Catcher will protect you as you sleep from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. The positive dreams will slip through the hole in the center of the dream catcher and glide down the feathers to you sleeping below. The bad dreams will get trapped to then disappear as the first rays of sunlight hit them.
The Dream Catcher must be swinging freely to work so that the dreams can pass through.
A bead in the center of the dream catcher represents the spider that is on the web helping to spin the dreams to their destiny. 

Our Dream Catchers come from three different suppliers who all have unique techniques of making them. By having multiple suppliers we can stock a large variety of Dream Catchers, giving you (or your child) a better chance of finding one that you connect to. The better the connection with your Dream Catcher, the better it will work for you. :) It is a really good idea to talk your children through the history of Dream Catcher's so that they can see why and how they work. It can also be a good idea to 'cleanse' your dream catcher after any bad dreams. You can do this by tapping it so that any negativity that is still trapped will be banged out. 


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Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Posted on March 14, 2013 by Tina Cashman | 0 Comments


Sterling Silver Toe Rings


Sterling Silver Toe Rings 


We have heaps of new Silver Toe Rings in store now!!

For the first time in years our toe ring supply was getting low but they are finally here.

Tina returned from Thailand with a massive bag filled with lots of new designs and patterns as well as the old faithfuls. 

She found a new company that we are loving!! The toe rings are a lot thicker so will last a lot longer ( I’m sure we all know how tricky toe rings can be with all the bending and melding to toes until you find the right position) and they are a lot fatter so will be really comfortable and sit nice and firm. 

Worldwide the price of Silver has been rising higher and higher over the last few years so because we go over and do the buying ourselves we can pass on a great price to you, the customers. (They are $15 each). Also you have the knowledge that a fair price was paid and you are helping to support families in small communities.

There are over 70 different patterns in our new range.With 11 of the most popular ones being showcased on our website.

We think toe rings originated in India with Hindu women wearing them as a symbol of being Married.

How good does a Toe Ring look with henna in the summertime??? Our feet are still nice and brown from a pretty good Summer so why not showcase them with some sparkling silver and a hot coral or Neon pink pedicure??!!

As you know we always want the best for our wonderful Pushkar customers so if you cannot find what you want you can always call, facebook or email us and we can send pictures of the other designs that we have.

With over 1800 items on our website now we hope you enjoy shopping!!

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