The Truth About Nipple Piercings: Do They Hurt?

The Truth About Nipple Piercings: Do They Hurt?

How Painful are nipple piercings? That's the million-dollar question and the answer isn't black and white.

It mostly depends on how sensitive your nipples are, which can vary a lot from person to person. If you ask people with nipple piercings how much it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10, the answers are all across the board.

Nipple Piercings Healing

The Nipple piercing can take up to 12 months to heal or even longer for some people.  It is important to properly care for your nipple piercing during the healing process to prevent infections and promote healing. Spraying a saline solution 1-2 times daily as per your piercers instructions and following strict hygiene practices will give your new piercings the best chance of healing. You'll spot some crust and liquids on the edge of each nipple piercing hole, don't freak out, every piercing leaks some fluid during healing, but the nipple can be a bit more oozy.

Nipple Piercing Jewellery 

After you've conquered the healing process for your piercing, the real party starts. It's wise to touch base with your body piercer before changing up your nipple bling!



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