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Cherry Blossum Agate Anklet

Cherry Blossum Agate Anklet

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Cherry Blossom Agate is a warming, calming & nurturing stone. It is extremely soothing especially after recent trauma or stress. It has the Heart-focus of pink chalcedony, but its energy is punchier. It effects all chakras to some extent, clearing discomfort and blockages, especially  the Solar Plexus, where it dissolves anger, fear and tension and leaves the user with an overall sense of balance and well being. It can help us focus on the detail of a project or situation and at the same time stand back to see the whole picture.

This Gemstone Anklets has been hand crafted on strong Korean Elastic. We have used crimps to finish the product to make it stronger. NOTE: Beads may vary in colour. Some gemstones can be colour enhanced. This adds to the visual effect but does not

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