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Pink Aventurine Anklet

Pink Aventurine Anklet

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Pink Aventurine  has the ability to amplify your life energies! This remarkable stone will provide physical, emotional, and mental healing that can lead to a more joyful and balanced life. By helping you focus your energies and revitalizing your body, the flow of your universal life force will also be greatly increased. It will help address physical symptoms, like low enthusiasm or decreased activity levels. It can help a lot when you’re in need of constant stimulation, or when you need to dispel the lethargy that you’re experiencing. This stone will also help you get rid of feelings of flightiness and of being disconnected or distant.

This Gemstone Anklets has been hand crafted on strong Korean Elastic. We have used crimps to finish the product to make it stronger. NOTE: Beads may vary in colour. Some gemstones can be colour enhanced. This adds to the visual effect but does not

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